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The Details: 


Family Salads - $28, $32, or $34

Family Dressing size 12 oz

Extra chicken $3.00 per salad  

Extra Large Dressing $7 per salad (12oz)

Extra Small Dressing $2 per salad (4oz)

Individual Salads- $12 or $14

Includes Dinner Roll, Butter, and Chocolate

Individual Dressing size 4oz

Extra chicken $1.00

Extra dressing $0.50 (2oz)

Wraps - $11

Includes cookie or chips


  • Please place your orders by 4 p.m. Thursday via email.

  • For home deliveries, please put a cooler out on your porch by 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.



Phone:  248-504-1114

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